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In age we live it is our desire to get all you can for your shopping dollar. So there is zero excuse to pay too much for a Repeater Pocket Watch when there are hundreds of them for sale on eBay. You also have to think, eBay is one of the biggest and most trusted online shopping sites in the world. This site is authorized by eBay to help you find the Repeater Pocket Watch you are looking for and at save you some money over local store prices. If you don't see the particular item you are looking for below. Use the search function on your right to enter the type and model you want.

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Minute Repeater Hunter 14k (14ct) Gold Pocket Watch Geneve c1908,Unusual Cut Out Movement, 18K Gold ¼-Repeater Breguet Quality Gents Pocket Watch,Unused Contemporary 1/4 Hour Repeating Skeletonized Hunters Case Pocket Watch,Rare Pinchbeck ¼-Hour Bell Repeater Pair Case Watch by Christopher Pinchbeck,Rare 18K Cartier Minute Repeater Pocket Watch W/Chronograph & 30 Minute Register,Large 57mm 18K Solid Gold Hunting Cased Quarter Repeater Chronograph C. 1900,18K Solid Gold Engine Turned Hunting Cased Quarter Repeater 46.5mm C. 1900 ,Large 54mm 18K Solid Gold Hunting Cased Quarter Repeater Chronograph C. 1900,RARE 3 VOLUME SET REPEATERS EUROPEAN WATCHES Ehrhardt Meggers Pocket Watch BOOKS,Exceptional 3-Color 18K Gold and Enamel ¼-Hour Bell Repeater Verge Fusee Watch,14K GOLD HC Chronograph Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch ,20K Gold Embossed, Reposse Enameled 7 ½ Minute Bell Repeater Pocket Watch,VERY RARE ORNATE GUILDED QUARTER REPEATER POCKET WATCH c1900 FANTASTIC CONDITION, EXQUISITE SWISS 18 K SOLID GOLD QUARTER REPEATER ANTIQUE POCKET WATCH - 1800, RARE SWISS GUN METAL HALF HANTER MINUTE REPEATER ANTIQUE POCKET WATCH - 1900 ,beautiful gold early 1800s 1/4 repeater ~ excellent condition,Mint Condition 18K Gold Key-Wind/Key-Set ¼ Hour Repeater Jovaux Pocket Watch,Audemars freres quarter repeater pocket watch movement for parts original dial ,ANTIQUE SWISS SUPERB GOLD POCKET WATCH MINUTE REPEATER J. ULLMANN ,Rare Square Shaped QUARTER REPEATER Pocket Watch c1890,GRADE HEAVY 18K ENGLISH MINUTE REPEATER POCKET WATCH,Rare pump repeater verge fusee pocket watch movement end 18th century.,18K Gold Antique Chronograph Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch Mint w Original Case,english solid 18k full hunter ~ 1/2 1/4 repeater ~ webster ~ nice!!,Repeater & Chronograph Pocket Watch enamel dial 52 mm. in diameter,14k Gold Audemars? Barbezat-Baillot Pat.13244 Chronograph Min Repeater Pkt Watch,boxed 1923 18k Ekegren / Koehn / J E Caldwell minute repeater,handsome 18k Tiffany 5 minute repeater hunting case ~ high grade watch,Gunmetal MINUTE REPEATER pocket watch - circa 1900 - NO RESERVE,Rare Antique 18k Gold Duck Hunter Dog Diamond Case REPEATER Pocket Watch WORKING,Super Rare Vacheron Constantin Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch Movement / Video,Huguenin Breguet 14k Pocket Watch Minute Repeater, Excellent condition 1895,14K GOLD Invicta Chronograph Quarter Repeater Pocket Watch RARE,VERY RARE ORNATE GUILDED QUARTER REPEATER POCKET WATCH c1900 FANTASTIC CONDITION,SPLIT SECONDS CHRONOGRAPH Pocket Watch Movmnt TIMING & REPEATING WATCH Co LUGRIN,SILVER QUARTER REPEATER HALMARKED CN CASEMAKER S&CO ON MOVEMENT,1905s ANGELUS 18K SOLID GOLD & DIAMOND QUARTER REPEATER CHRONOGRAPH POCKET WATCH,Repeater Quarter Hour Chrnograph Pocket Watch Sterling Silver Complicated Swiss,RARE beautiful Longines silver pocket watch very nice case needs repair not work,MINT Gunmetal MINUTE REPEATER Pocket Watch c1910,